String Art – Personalised Wall Art Sign With Special Years

Imagine a snug corner in your home, radiating with coziness and nostalgia, embellished with a customized wall sign that captures the uniqueness of you and your loved ones. That’s the vision that finally nudged me to take the plunge and create my very own personalized significant years sign. 

With a palette of vibrant colors that have been flooding my feed lately, brass nails, and 4 years in mind, I sat down and celebrated the fact that I was making something for our white walls. So, if you’ve been itching to add a touch of personal flair to your space, why not join me on this crafty adventure? Trust me, it’s worth every knot and twist!

We just discovered a new supplier of wood stains with such a vast range of colors that it overwhelmed me with countless creative ideas. Fortunately, Kristaps, the logical member of our family, accompanied me, and together we ended up getting a black wood stain that enhances the natural texture of the wood. 

vibrant string art sign with colorful strings on stained blacked wood base
vibrant string art sign with colorful strings on stained blacked wood base

Combining brass nails from Tacks and Nails and vibrant threads on this base is absolutely stunning. As a child of the 90s, my love for playing Mario runs deep, but it’s not just the game that captivates me—it’s the vibrant color palette of that era. From Mario’s iconic red and blue to the fantastical landscapes, the 90s aesthetic continues to inspire my creativity. 

It’s a nostalgia that fuels my passion for incorporating that same sense of whimsy and vibrancy into my own projects. After all, why outgrow the magic of the 90s?

So stain for the wood base – Check! Nails – my favorites from Tacks and Nails – Check! Vibrant cotton threads – CHECK! Now, I gotta decide about the years. I was wondering if I should include the year my husband and I met, got married… but the list got way too long. 

After a little family pow-wow, we picked the years that really count – 1989, 1990, 2017, and 2023. The years we and our daughters were born. After some string art pattern-making magic and playing with the color combos, a design mock-up was made and approved by myself (yes, for colors and designs I get the final say :D). 

vibrant string art sign with colorful strings on stained blacked wood base

Since I wanted the sign to be slightly larger than a standard letter-sized paper, I printed out the pattern pages and carefully lined them up. Meanwhile, Kristaps sawed, sanded, and stained the wood base in the iconic black stain we got earlier.

vibrant string art sign with colorful strings on stained blacked wood base

With the pattern properly aligned on the base and the correct drill bit attached to my reliable Dremel drill, I worked on my string art years sign. It is crucial to maintain a steady hand and aim to hold the drill perpendicular to the wooden surface while drilling. 

vibrant string art sign with colorful strings on stained blacked wood base

By doing so, the holes will be aligned, and the nails will stand upright, perfectly straight. I know it’s tempting, but you got this! If you’re not using a drill, just poke the holes with an awl or hammer nails right over the paper pattern. 

I’ve got you covered on making holes for string art in this article. If you’re curious about making the holes for string art, give it a read. Now that the holes are in, it’s time to clean up! 

Our new Makita handheld vacuum cleaner is perfect for picking up dust and all sorts of debris commonly found in a household with a one-year-old and an imaginative seven-year-old. Next comes the relaxing part… well, at least for those who find hammering therapeutic. 

vibrant string art sign with colorful strings on stained blacked wood base

There’s something soothing about driving uniform nails into the holes I carefully crafted earlier. Once you find your rhythm, it’s easy to get lost in the process and simply enjoy it. It’s the perfect opportunity to dive into an audiobook, perhaps catching up on the latest fairy fantasy romance novels. 

This is exactly how I first experienced the ACOTAR series. Alright, nails in! Now comes the fun part—adding those vibrant colors. But life had its own agenda; between wrapping up other projects and fulfilling orders, the bare piece patiently waited for its makeover for a week or two. 

vibrant string art sign with colorful strings on stained blacked wood base

Surprisingly, this downtime turned out to be a blessing, giving me plenty of leisurely moments to mull over the perfect string art thread colors. I opted for my all-time favorite thread type—crochet threads.


If you’re curious why they’re my top choice for string art, check out this article where I delve into the main thread types used in string art, highlighting their pros and cons. 

You might just discover a new favorite for your own creations! With threads neatly arranged on the table, a trusty pair of sharp scissors at hand, and some enticing audiobooks playing in the background, I dove into the task of bringing my string art to life. 

There’s something incredibly satisfying about watching the threads weave and intertwine, filling in the numbers one by one. For this design, I didn’t have to worry about a specific nail sequence, so I just went with the flow, stringing randomly. 

vibrant string art sign with colorful strings on stained blacked wood base

It was surprisingly therapeutic, and my mind just chilled out. As for the outline, I went with the full one, encircling each 2 nails and making figure 8’s between them to give numbers defined finish, exactly like we outlined in all of our pattern instructions. 


It’s funny how the little details can make such a big difference, right? The final touch? Adding two sawhook hangers to the backside of the years sign, just in case I ever decide to hang it… well, on a wall. 

But for now, it’s finding its place on a shelf above my desk. I can’t help but smile as I take in the vibrant retro colors and the realization that we’ve finally created a string art sign for our home.
It’s these little moments of accomplishment that make all the crafting worth it. 
Like it? Make it! Or in case you want an original GoodStrings string art sign with your special years on it on your wall or shelf, you can get it here.
You know what is even more exciting – a DIY kit also is an option as well as a custom string art template with step-by-step instructions! 
Thank you so much for tuning in for our string art adventure and see you soon! 
I have some crazy ideas I want to bring to life and share with you all. We’d love your support even more by taking a peek at our Etsy store! Who knows, maybe some of our delightful string art patterns will catch your eye. 

So swing on by and explore the wonders of our store. We can’t wait to share our string art creations with you!
Happy crafting!

And don’t forget to leave a comment below, sharing your thoughts or any questions you might have. Your feedback means the world to us!


Renate from GoodStrings and All About String Art

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