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String art for beginners

String Art – Personalised Wall Art Sign With Special Years

Unleash your creativity with personalized string art sign! Dive into a world of vibrant colors and nostalgic charm as I craft unique piece tailored to my story. From selecting the perfect wood stain...

Top 10 string art patterns for beginners by GoodStrings

Discover the top 10 must-have string art patterns by GoodStrings! With our crafted designs, you'll unlock the secrets to creating stunning string art pieces that capture attention and inspire...

What nails to use for string art?

Are you embarking on your first or next string art project and wondering which nails are the perfect fit? Look no further! In just a short 5-minute read, we'll help you discover the ideal nails for...

Making Nail Holes for String Art Signs – 3 Easy Ways How We Do It!

Calling all string art enthusiasts! Get ready to unleash your creativity as we dive into three incredible methods for creating stunning string art signs in 2023. Whether you prefer hammering, poking...

Best Threads for Everlasting String Art Signs?

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Create Stunning String Art with Our Kits. Looking for a fun and relaxing family activity? Our string art kits are just what you need! Choose from our full, basic, or express variations to find the perfect fit for your skill level. Get started on your stress-relieving art project today.

Add Personality to Your Home Decor with Our Handmade String Art Signs!

Our handmade string art signs are perfect for adding charm and personality to any space. Each sign is carefully crafted by us, who love to experiment with shapes and colors,  to create new designs.

Try String Art with Our Easy-to-Use Digital Downloads!

Our string art patterns are the perfect way to experiment with string art without investing in a DIY kit. Simply download the pattern, gather materials, and follow our step-by-step instructions for a stunning result.

Our Happy Clients!

So happy to have gotten to work with this artist to make my dreams come reality with this custom piece for my mom. It turned out INCREDIBLY BEAUTIFUL, so unique. I will definitely be ordering more custom piece in the future 🙂

custom whale sign


She Purchased a Personalized Gift for Her Mother

Easily one of my favorite pieces of art in our home. It it of wonderful quality and craftsmanship. We absolutely love it and will be purchasing more works from this shop!

Hippo silhouette string art sign


Since Then Has Purchased Another One of Our Custom Signs

First time attempting string art. The store owner responded to all of my questions quickly and gave me tips for getting started. Her templates are very straightforward and easy to follow. She even helped me with a custom template for a gift!

sting art monogram letter


Her First String Art Project Was Hassle-Free!