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ivory string art dog paw sign on blue wood base

We get this question often – string art patterns for beginners – which of our patterns is the best for an absolute beginner? 

String art patterns (templates as many of you like to call them) – so many out there – what to look at when you read one’s description, and what are their must haves? 

What’s included in our patterns has strongly improved since 2015, when we first started making and later selling them to a wider audience. Sometimes it feels like a never-ending story because I want to include a new trick we just discovered or saw, one dot that needs adding or removing in the pattern for it to be the best possible version. You get the idea.

The key ingredients of GoodStrings string patterns are:

string art pattern pages as an example what goodstrings digital string art patterns include

1) Step-by-step instructions and list of materials you need to make the pattern. Discover our string art patterns for beginners, designed to provide you with all the information you need for a seamless first-time experience. 

2) Extra Tips and Tricks about wood bases, nails, and tools that you can use for your sign, as well as the insight into the strings and tools I suggest using. 

3) THE PATTERN with nail dots marked and extra information I thought to be relevant (variations/adjustments, what needs to be made as last or first, and so on). Want to make a design that’s bigger than an average letter-paper-size sign – we got you covered – print out multiple pages, overlay them and glue them together. 

4) The target page – pictures of how the finished piece could look like.

5) Color guide – for colorful designs, notes on colors and areas of the chosen design, and when the order of layers is important – the sequence of which area goes first, second, and so on. 

6) Thank you coupon code for your next pattern (or sign, or string art DIY kit) order.

Now when you know what is in a GoodStrings pattern, here are the most loved string art pattern designs we have made so far…

10. String art tree silhouette pattern

It is a staple string art design in our shop. I think this is the most re-pinned string art sign design on Pinterest made by us. And it could be challenging for beginners because of the slightly higher amount of nails needed. 

I suggest using a stained wood base with expressive wood texture so that the finished sign not only looks like a tree silhouette but has another dimension of a tree in it. This might not be the right project for you if you’re just starting out. 

Get it HERE and start crafting your tree!

9. Cross silhouette string art pattern

Classic cross design and not large – 6 x 8 inches (15 x 20 cm) – this is a great string art pattern for beginners. The nailing process will not take long and you can inverse the string art pattern by filling in only the cross, not the background. If you are inverting it, remember that you don’t need to add nails to the frame – only the cross.

If you are a beginner, this string art design is absolutely perfect for you to try out. Don’t worry about getting overwhelmed by a massive project that requires over 1000 nails and takes forever to complete; instead, you can ease into the calming world of string art by trying a smaller project.

Get it HERE.

8. Butterfly silhouette string art pattern

The butterfly string art template stands out not only for its simplicity but also for its exceptional beauty, making it an ideal choice for beginners. Furthermore, for those who are more experienced, there is the option to explore the use of thinner threads and incorporate multiple layers, resulting in a design that is not only visually interesting but also showcases their creativity and skills. 

Butterfly awaits you HERE!

7. Christmas mittens string art pattern 

The GoodStrings mittens string art pattern is a well-loved and classic design that has become a staple during the holiday season, particularly at Christmas time. It is not only fun to make but also brings joy to everyone who sees it. To add a touch of elegance, you have the option to customize the colors, making it a more classic look. Alternatively, you can also choose to incorporate this year’s trending colors to bring some excitement and vibrancy to the overall design.

Your winter string art mittens pattern await you HERE!

6. Snowflake string art patterns


When it comes to snowflake designs, there are numerous options available. In the interest of fairness, it is necessary to mention more than just one. In the span of the last 7 years, we have managed to string together no fewer than five unique snowflakes. 

Each year, we carefully craft two string art snowflake patterns that have become beloved favorites. We are excited to share them with you. One of the great things about both options is that you have the ability to personalize them by adding strings. 

This means you can choose to fill in the entire space between the nails, creating a snowflake that is completely filled, or you can opt for just outlining the design, which will still result in a stunning look. To create one filled-in copy and one outlined copy, simply print the document twice, once with filled-in content and the other time with an outline format.

Get the outlined string art snowflake pattern HERE and the filled in one is HERE.

5. Sun, moon, stars string art pattern

All of us are familiar with the popular phrase “You are My Sun, My Moon, and All My Stars”, and now you have the ideal chance to get creative by crafting your very own sun, moon, and star string art sign to complement it. You’ll be amazed at how well this minimalist inspired design can complement and enhance the look of nearly every interior space. Furthermore, this string art pattern offers a fantastic opportunity to improve your outline skills through practice. 

Grab yours HERE .

4. Christmas string art sign pattern set of 5 mini designs

These particular things are highly recommended to be included in your winter season itinerary. Among our Christmas collection, we have some of the smallest and undeniably cutest string art patterns available. Included in the set are five delightful mini Christmas patterns, featuring a candle, a Christmas tree in a pot, a bauble adorned with a snowflake, a star, and a festive mug. Whether you’re a beginner looking to experiment with string art or if you have the need to create small Christmas signs, these options are absolutely ideal. You can get creative with these crafts and give them as a thoughtful gift to someone special. Alternatively, you can use them as charming tiered tray decorations or as adorable mini shelf sitters. 

Get them HERE!

3. Hummingbird silhouette string art pattern

If my memory serves me right, it was during this particular moment that I found myself falling head over heels for silhouette string art signs. When someone catches a glimpse of a hummingbird, it can signify the end of challenging times for them and the start of a period of healing. For many people, these small fliers serve as a symbol of hope and bring about feelings of good luck. The design of a hummingbird in flight is a popular choice due to its simplicity and timeless elegance, making it an easy project to create and showcase. 

When working with silhouette patterns, you have the option to follow the example and fill in the background, or alternatively, you can choose to invert it and fill in the bird instead. Yours await you HERE!

2. Paw with heart

If you happen to be a dog lover or if you are in need of a gift for someone who is, I have a simple and fast string art project that you can tackle. Trust me, the end result will be nothing short of amazing. In order to customize the product for the dog in question, please adjust the colors to match its fur color. Also, you can attach a hook to a wooden base so it’s easy to hang a dog leash. This string art pattern is perfect for kids and beginners who are looking for a fun and easy project.

Get yours HERE!

1. Gnome string art pattern for every season!

Gnomes can be found in every season, making this pattern ideal for year-round use. To make a Christmas gnome, you can use the color red, while for a winter gnome, you can string it with blue. In contrast, for a spring gnome, a perfect choice would be yellow, and during summer, you can represent your gnome with the color of your favorite flowers. This Gnome string art pattern has become our best seller for a reason.

Get your Gnome string art pattern HERE!

And that’s a wrap on our tour through GoodStrings’ top 10 string art patterns! Each design has its own special vibe, from classics like the cross and tree silhouettes to fun ones like the gnome and paw with heart. There’s something for everyone, whether you’re a seasoned crafter or just starting out.

Since we kicked things off in 2015, we’ve been fine-tuning our patterns to make them super easy to follow. We’ve got step-by-step guides, handy tips, and colorful references to help you unleash your inner artist with string art.


Huge shoutout to all our amazing supporters—you folks keep us going! Your passion and creativity inspire us to keep dreaming up new designs and pushing the boundaries of string art.


As we say goodbye to this chapter, we’re stoked for what’s next: more patterns, more fun, and more chances to spread the string art love.



Catch you on the flip side,

Renate from GoodStrings // All About String Art

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